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Some simple lake wedding ideas will make your special day memorable. If you love the adrenaline, consider some outdoor lake wedding ideas, like Bled kayaking

Here are some of our simple wedding ideas

Many couples wishing to tie the knot will appreciate the simple lake wedding ideas that can make the ceremony unforgettable. Setting your special day at the foothills of the Alps, reflecting the mirror surface of magnificent Bled, is a ceremonial and original idea that every couple should consider. What else are the considerations that you might want to bear in mind?
  • Fresh feeling: Whether you are organising your event in warmer or colder months, the presence of a water surface at your ceremony will give the guests a feeling or freshness and purity. As these are also words that can describe newlyweds, you might want to tap into the symbolism and use this one of the simple lake wedding ideas to your benefit.


  • Water symbolises flowing: In many cultures, the flow of life is symbolised by water. Where else can you better understand this than when standing by a pond? As many ceremonies like to focus on a theme, you might want to think about making water flow your own theme. Simple lake wedding ideas like this can make a great impact and can stay in the guests’ memories forever.


  • Swimming: The water in the freshwater basin might be more comfortable to swim in when the air temperatures are warmer, but some of your braver guests could also enjoy a winter swim. In any case, having the option to use the swimming facilities or just dip into a stream nearby after the party will be well appreciated as a bonus and a great one among simple lake wedding ideas. Please make sure to alert the guests to bring their swimming gear.
simple lake wedding ideas

Introducing Bled: top five outdoor lake wedding ideas

Set in the glorious setting with the mountain tops in the background, Bled is a Mecca for outdoor lake wedding ideas. Read on to find out about our top five suggestions for you and your guests.

1) Biking arrival.

If you want to make a special entrance, choose a biking arrival. You might want to adapt your ceremony dress to be able to cycle, or ask a friend to add a cart to his bike and take you in grand style. Your guests will love the originality of this one among our ideas.

2)Mountain hiking ceremony.

For the hiking enthusiasts only: if you want to make the best of the mountains surrounding Bled, organise a hiking trip for the guests. Make sure to use the right equipment and to adjust the level of the trail accordingly.

3) Tie the knot with a view.

When up on a mountain, an arrangement can be done with a mountain cabin to organise the ceremony. Be sure to have the cameras ready, as the views from the sunset or sunrise lit mountain tops are going to be truly superb.

4) Arrive on kayak.

Out of the outdoor lake wedding ideas, this one is not for the faint of heart. Only people with experience in adrenaline water sports can do it. Be sure to wrap your clothes and belongings into a waterproof packet before heading down the white-water.

5) Dip into the freezing water.

The water might be warmer in the summer, but real courage (or refreshment after the party) is achieved by those who take up this challenge. One of the one nature-inspired ceremony ideas is a dip into the water when it’s freezing.

outdoor lake wedding ideas

Size does not matter, when small lake wedding ideas come into play

Even small lake wedding ideas can seem big. Use a pond or a basin in your vicinity to recreate the feeling of a ceremony at the oceanfront. Your guests will appreciate the atmosphere and the photos will look stunning. What else can you do to cherish some original smaller-scale ideas?
  • Take drone photos: with the surface for photos being smaller, the use of a drone is much easier and will take up less time.
  • Use a desolate pier: if you search for private spots in small basins, you’ll come across very special places, like desolate piers that can be perfect for romantic ceremonies. Just make sure to follow the safety precautions.
small lake wedding ideas

Book a wedding in Slovenia Lake Bled awaits you

If you are considering a wedding in Slovenia Lake Bled can certainly tick off several boxes from the previous paragraphs. Known for its unmatching location, the town has attracted visitors for decades, if not centuries. The basin with the island in the centre and the medieval castle overlooking it has an aura of mystery and romance. The many available facilities in the region make the organisation simple and enjoyable. Your guests will be surprised at the diversity of the area. Contact us now for an offer and discover the many options that can make your special day truly memorable.
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