Weddings in Slovenia
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
Slovenia’s stunning Alpine region
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
The Sunny Slovenian Mediterranean Coast
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia’s Charming Capital
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
Slovenia’s Romantic Historical Places
Wedding Venues in Slovenia
The Dreamy Slovenian Countryside
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Wedding Venues in Slovenia

Slovenia is a wonderfully diverse country, and so are its excellent wedding venues, which range from the rustic to the modern and can be found in every corner of our little state. Idyllic Lake Bled is a popular setting for a wedding in the Alpine region of Slovenia, quickly followed by serene Lake Bohinj, another option for a special day with towering mountains as your backdrop.

Slovenia only has a short stretch of coast, but the allure of the warm Mediterranean as a wedding location is everlasting. Here, the scene will be set by the scent of the sea, a gentle breeze and bright sunlight.

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s endearing capital city, never fails to charm visitors with its Old Town set on the banks of the Ljubljanica River below the Castle Hill. Several wedding venues lie in the pedestrianised old heart of Ljubljana, offering an up close and personal experience of the city’s pulse.

Or how about a special wedding setting such as a castle, manor or homestead? Luckily, much of Slovenia is still pristine countryside dotted with many lovingly restored estates beckoning to host your special day.

We invite you to click on the links below to select the region or type of venue that best suits your preferences and browse our Slovenian wedding venue recommendations:

Wedding Venues in Slovenia - Lakes And Mountains

Lakes & Mountains

Delightful and dramatic Alpine Slovenia is a region of towering snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys, of waterfalls and spectacular vistas, of gorgeous meadows and traditional rural heritage.


The Slovenian Adriatic is where the Alps dip their toes into the azure sea. This charming Italianate region is sun-kissed throughout the year and blessed by its fine food and wines made of the best local ingredients.

Wedding Venues in Slovenia - Coast

Wedding Venues in Slovenia - Ljubljana


Europe’s best-kept secret is a charming capital city on the banks of a meandering river, with picturesque cobbled streets and a delightful blend of architectural styles.

Castles & Manors

One of the remnants of Slovenia’s colourful past is its abundance of historical castles and fortifications which today offer a fascinating insight into the daily lives of people in times gone by.

Wedding Venues in Slovenia - Castles And Manors

Wedding Venues in Slovenia - Countryside


Slovenia’s regions are fabulously diverse in terms of landscape, but are unified by an everlasting love of the timeless charm of rural life, fine cuisine and hospitality.

Slovenia wedding venues and why Slovenia has some of the best destination wedding locations

Slovenia wedding venues offer couples lots of variety. Let’s face it. Most romantic places to get married are hard to find. However, Slovenia is a country that seems to have some of the best destination wedding locations in Europe. Why is that, you may wonder? Well, it does have the word love in its name and because its diversity is wonderfully remarkable. The incredible Alpine region, the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea, pristine nature, and charming turquoise lakes are all intertwined with enchanting history. That will allow you to charm your dearest with unforgettable experiences.

The most romantic place to get married is hard to determine. Each couple has their idea of what romantic means to them. Some believe there is nothing more romantic than a backdrop of mighty mountain peaks, some adore the rustic vibes of the countryside manors, others love the big capital city buzz, and some enjoy the serenity of the ocean waves. No matter which Slovenia wedding venue you choose, we are sure it will be an unforgettable way to begin your life together.


What are the most romantic places to get married, and how to find the best Slovenia wedding venues?

The best destination wedding locations exist in Slovenia. That is a bold statement – however, we firmly believe in it. Slovenia wedding venues are not only beautiful but also financially affordable. For most, the wedding day is one of the most paramount days in their lives. Having a destination wedding means creating an unforgettable day for the couple and the guests. Promising everlasting love in a foreign country means you want to immerse yourself in the rich history, culture and lively atmosphere of the country. And that means embarking on the journey of choosing the best destination wedding location can be a daunting assignment. But do not be afraid, as Slovenia is one of the most romantic places to get married.

Slovenia wedding venues offer lots of variety, which means you first have to choose where you want to have the wedding. Do you want a beach wedding, maybe a lake-view or a vineyard wedding? The most romantic places to get married are booked quickly, so choose your theme early. When looking through the best destination wedding locations, pick one that will ensure you and your guests lots of entertainment after the big day. Why not choose a venue which will allow you and your guests to enjoy fun activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, rowing and fishing – all while enjoying the local culinary delights.

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