Weddings in Slovenia

Destination wedding elopement packages are hardly a novelty, but tailored ones seem hard to get. With ceremonies abroad getting popular, couples are searching for packages and venues with amenities tailored to them. If you wish to have an unforgettable wedding abroad, it is paramount to select a perfect location.

Beachfront or countryside? City or mountains? Lakeside or a castle ceremony? How about nuptials in the Alpine region and a honeymoon at the beach? Does it seem too much travelling? How about if we tell you that you can get both in one country? Slovenia is a little green gem in the heart of the Europe. Due to its variety, it is becoming favoured for a destination wedding to elope.

When selecting the most captivating venue abroad, it is crucial not to do it alone. Some couples believe hiring a planner is redundant – but it is essential if you want your day to be stress-free and flawless. A professional planner knows the vendors and will be able to provide the most qualified ones.

Destination wedding elopement packages


Elope vs. destination wedding – What is what?

Destination wedding or elope? That is the question confusing couples who are ready to tie the knot. What is what, and how is it different? Eloping used to be about getting married in secret, usually without parental consent. Today, there is another reason why many couples decide to elope – because they want small, short and intimate ceremonies focusing more on them and less on the event.

A destination wedding is a much bigger occasion with guests. How many depends on the couple – some prefer smaller nuptials, while others can invite up to 50 people. The sole purpose of the marriage abroad is to celebrate it with people closest to you.

Elope vs. destination wedding? Which one is better? That greatly depends on a couple. They both offer incredible possibilities and flexibility while being budget-friendly. That may be a surprise, but destination wedding elopement packages are often more cost-effective than traditional weddings.


Destination wedding elopement to the beautiful European country

Elope vs. destination wedding? It does not matter if you do not know which form of nuptials you prefer. Slovenia is great for both. A wonderfully diverse country has some of the most marvellous venues, ranging from modern to historic. If you always envisioned spending your special day somewhere surrounded by mountains and lakes, the Alpine region is ideal for you. A serene setting with waterfalls, enchanting vistas and snow-capped peaks will complete your ceremony.

When couples plan a destination wedding or to elope, their preferred location often includes a beach. While Slovenia has only a short stretch of coast, this breathtaking region will offer you beautiful architecture, quaint sleepy fishing villages, bright sunlight, warm Mediterranean Sea and fine cuisine. Destination wedding elopement packages offer the couple flexibility and selection. We understand that not every couple wishes to marry on a beach and by the lake. That is why we also recommend venues where you can get married in a castle, a manor, or in the countryside.

elope vs destination wedding


What do destination wedding elopement packages entail?

Destination wedding elopement packages are customised to meet couples’ needs. They entail various venues in the most gorgeous regions of the country. There is something for every couple. For those who want to enjoy tying the knot and relaxing at the beach, those who want to explore history and for those seeking adventure. Working with couples from all over the world, we provide full-service packages. That means your big day will be as you imagined but without stress.

If you have decided on a destination wedding elopement, we can offer you a package deal that eliminates your worries. Our packages entail assistance in selecting a venue for your church services, ceremony and reception. We will assist you with the necessary paperwork, choosing the vendors and planning everything to the detail. As professional planners, we organise the accommodation and transport for you and your guests, plan the timeline and protocol of the day and help vendors coordinate. We will assist you throughout the day and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Elope vs. destination wedding – Which one is the best selection for you?

Destination wedding elopement packages include numerous exquisite venues where couples can confess their love and spend the day with their guests. With the professional help of a wedding planner, finding the most suitable venue will be a breeze. As we have long professional relationships with our reliable vendors, we will also be able to negotiate a perk or two. You can choose from rustic manors, historic castles, ravishing vineyards, picturesque countryside, delightful seaside and charming lakes.

Elope vs. destination wedding? If you are wondering which one to have – let us warn you – many elopements are not last minute anymore. You can plan it as you like, but they tend to have a smaller guest list, usually just the newlyweds and their close family. Destination weddings seem to have a guest list that includes extended family and friends. Additional elopement does not have to be to another country – it can just be to another region or a city.