Weddings in Slovenia


A simple guide to how to start planning your wedding in Slovenia: four decisions you should make before beginning to plan your special day.

Weddings in Slovenia

You might have a special bond with Slovenia, your family might originate from here, or you might never have been at any stage, but you’ve seen how beautiful it is, so you’ve decided to get married in Slovenia. But how should you go about it? No matter what your reasons for selecting Slovenia for your wedding might be, there are a few decisions that you should make before beginning to plan, and here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. The number of guests.

Would you like a small intimate wedding or are you planning to invite a larger number of family and friends? So many factors depend on the number of guests that this should probably be the first decision to make. 

  1. The season.

Will the wedding be during peak wedding season – so between May and September – or would you prefer to have it in the colder months with snow on the surrounding Alpine peaks? 

  1. The type of ceremony and dinner.

Do you envisage having a civil ceremony, a symbolic non-legal ceremony, a church wedding or a combination? Will the reception be a sit-down dinner or do you have another format in mind? 

  1. The region and / or style of the wedding.

Slovenia packs so much into its modest size: mountains and lakes, a short but sweet Mediterranean coast, bustling towns, historic castles, wine regions and stretches of more remote countryside. Consider which would suit you best in terms of the backdrop and the style of the wedding and think about the logistics: the proximity of the airport and driving time, nearby accommodation options and other things to do in the area.

These are the most important questions to ask yourselves before starting your research, which will be much easier now that you’ve established the framework, and based on the above information, an experienced wedding planner will quickly be able to suggest venues and provide cost estimates.