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Slovenia Wedding Testimonials

This is the page that makes me blush shyly a little bit, but also reminds me that I can be immensely proud of the work I do and motivates me to carry on, the page with testimonials from married couples whom I have helped arrange their weddings in Slovenia.

Tamara Dragan wedding

Tamara & Dragan

Married on September 10, 2022 in Ljubljana
Photo: Dejan Žagar


When my husband and I – or let’s be honest I – started planning our wedding in 2021, I knew from the start that I needed a wedding planner. My husband comes from Slovenia, and I am from Austria, and we quickly realized that our big wedding should take place in Slovenia. After a short Google research, I came across Petra.

I have to admit that I was very nervous before our first Skype call, but after only 2 minutes the nervousness subsided, and my husband and I felt sooooo comfortable with Petra. I liked Petra from the first minute. My husband, who tends to be more reserved with new people, was enthusiastic about Petra right from the start.

During the year and a half while Petra was organising everything for us, my husband and I never once regretted having chosen Petra. No matter when, no matter how late, Petra is always available. Thanks to Petra’s expertise, I have always trusted her blindly.Our civil wedding should have taken place in Austria a few weeks before the big wedding. However, I had problems arranging the ceremony in Austria, but Petra managed to organise a beautiful civil wedding in Slovenia in a very short time.

If the words written above still haven’t convinced you that you absolutely need Petra for your wedding, then maybe we can convince you with the following: every guest on the big day was sooo amazed at how calm and relaxed I was as a bride. My simple answer to the question: How can you be so relaxed? was: Petra!

Petra took care of absolutely everything, so that we, our parents and friends could all enjoy the whole day fully relaxed.Petra, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us!!!

Soulla & Dan

Married on August 18, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Ana Gregorič

Our wedding planning with Petra Cuk began in June 2019 and we knew we made the right choice the moment we met her. She met us with open arms and drove us around Bohinj and Bled to help us find our dream venue. She was fun and easy to get to know and it put us both at ease knowing she would be the right woman for the job. Her organisation, attention to detail and time keeping is fantastic. Petra is thorough and efficient in all aspects of her job. She will give you as much of her spare time as possible for reassuring video calls to discuss planning and pricing. After the heartache of having to postpone our wedding twice, due to covid restrictions, Petra helped us to reignite our excitement and we were able to look forward to our special day.

We have so much love and gratitude for Petra as she stuck with us through thick and thin during the pandemic. On our final attempt in August 2022, we were third time lucky! Although the weather wasn’t completely on our side, Petra was still able to make our day incredibly special and nothing short of a fairytale.

We think in all honesty, that it would be an almost impossible task to find a better wedding planner in Slovenia than Petra Cuk. Thank you eternally for everything you did for us both, Petra. We hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

With love, Soulla & Daniel King xxx

Soulla Dan Wedding in Bled Slovenia

Sarah Andrew Wedding


Sarah & Andrew

Married on August 5, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Mulec Weddings

Petra organised our wedding in August this year after two years of delays due to Covid! Petra was fantastic throughout the delays, in the lead up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself. We had an amazing day with our closest family and friends in Bled. Petra also works with some very talented people… hair and make up, flowers, cake, food… all fantastic. We would highly recommend Petra as your wedding planner and Bled was just stunning.

Ana & Trevor

Married on July 9, 2022 in Ljubljana
Photo: EnchPro

A simple “thank you” cannot describe our appreciation for all the time and help that Petra put into organizing our wedding. Her planning, coordinating, and attention to detail was amazing! Because of her extensive expertise, she was very helpful with guiding us on various ideas that we had (both good and bad), and recommending ideas that turned out great from her experiences with other weddings. She was very fun and easy to work with!

We are still amazed when we look back on everything that Petra did for us before, during and after the wedding. We had so much fun at our wedding because she took care of literally everything so we were absolutely stress free. Our wedding was everything we hoped for and more! Despite balancing between different cultures, seven different languages and guests from all over the globe. We continue to receive comments from our guests about how amazing everything was. It was such a special day and we will cherish the memories for a long time, which would not be possible without Petra’s help and her great attention to detail.

We were so lucky to find Petra as our wedding planner. Without her help our special day would not have been the great party we always dreamed of.

Thank you so much Petra!

Ana Trevor Wedding Bled Slovenia

Rachael Rick Wedding Bled

Rachael & Rick

Married on July 2, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Aljaž Hafner

If you are thinking of getting married at Lake Bled I have two pieces of advice for you. 1 – do it! 2 – book Petra Cuk as your wedding planner. Petra is the most incredible wedding planner I could have imagined. My new husband and I were due to get married in July 2020, and due to the pandemic it ended up being in July 2022. 

Our wedding was at Bled Castle with a trip over to Bled Island during the wedding day. We had 70 guests, the majority travelling from the UK and some from further afield. We also had our 6 month old baby. 

The suppliers Petra works with are awesome. Our wedding cake was the best cake I’ve ever tasted in my life and our guests still talk about it! The flowers were based on a photo I’d sent across, and were absolute perfection. Our stationery was flawless. My make up and hair ladies were wonderful – they listened to the feedback I gave after my trials and made me and my bridesmaids feel beautiful on my wedding day. They were also so kind and fun to be around. Our ceremony was better than we could have pictured and the words said by the registrars sounded as though they had been written for us. Both the castle and island elements were perfectly run by the teams there, as well as the transport down to the lake and boats to and from the island.

Rather than hiding in the background, Petra wore a bright yellow dress on our wedding day so our guests knew who to look at for directions or any questions. It meant we didn’t have to worry about a thing. 

Through every call and interaction, Petra was the perfect combination of professional and friendly. We trusted her completely and she made planning our wedding a real joy. 

Thank you Petra! 

Barbara & Michael

Married on June 18, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Mitja Resnik

Petra made our day magical. Living in UK I always knew that I needed to have a ‘woman on the ground’ and she was the best decision we ever made (apart from getting married of course!). Our goals were very clear – we needed someone that has knowledge of wedding venues in Slovenia and also someone that not only knows quality local suppliers, but has great relationships with them. This proved very important because what they delivered in the end was nothing short of magic. And we are so grateful to Petra. She is very personable, warm and welcoming, and immediately put us at ease when we met her.

She works in a very structured and organised way which was music to my ears. I am an event planner myself so it’s safe to say that she had her work cut out for herself. But she was very professional, thorough and kept my nerves calm. She answered all of the questions we had and nothing was too much trouble for her. 

We had numerous requests throughout the two years of planning, and I can honestly say that she is one of the best event planners I ever worked with in my 12-year career. What is also amazing is that in this whole planning process, she became a friend we still keep in touch with and visit when we’re in Slovenia. You can guess by now that we would definitely recommend her to anyone getting married in Slovenia.

Barbara & MIchael

Julija Olivier Wedding

Julija & Olivier

Married on June 11, 2022 in Ljubljana
Photo: Aluna Weddings

Getting married has not been the easiest project for us, due to Covid restrictions we had to postpone our wedding two times. Had it not been for Petra we are not sure if we would have gotten our energy up to try for a third time.

Petra has been instrumental to make our third-time-lucky wedding a success. With her amazing (Swiss-style) organization skills, her proactive problem solving approach, her attention to detail and positive attitude she guided us through the process beautifully. She has all important people on speed-dial, so the organization went super smoothly and we found ourselves having a wonderful wedding day in the City Museum and at Ljubljana Castle.

In addition to her professional qualification Petra is just a wonderful person, very warm, kind and with a great sense of humour. We thoroughly enjoyed our interactions with Petra and can 100% recommend her as wedding planner for your big day!

Rochelle & Aaron

Married on May 31, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Ana Gregorič

We initially met Petra back in January 2019 when we visited Slovenia for the first time to look at Lake Bled wedding venues. Petra had actually been recommended to us and she did not disappoint! Petra collected us up from our hotel with warm open arms and took us on a tour around the Lake visiting each venue and going through every possible option. She knows the Lake like the back of her hand as well the local people. Lake Bled won our hearts pretty quickly and we knew that Petra had to be the woman for the job-the rest was history!

Our original wedding date was booked for August 2020 but due to the pandemic we had to postpone to August 2021 and then again to May 2022.

We can honestly say that we could not have got through all of the heartache without Petra. She is one of the reasons why we didn’t give up on our dream wedding. Petra had to re-arrange our wedding not just once but twice. We know this would have been incredibly stressful and hard work for Petra but she never let it show. She was always so positive and so kind.

Petra has a unique ability to make you feel as though your wedding is the only wedding that matters.

The day itself was absolutely amazing and was everything we had dreamt of and more! Everything went seamlessly and Petra had everything under control, we didn’t have to worry about a single thing.

We should also mention the amazing people Petra works with. The hair and make up technicians, florists, cake makers, photographers and videographers were all incredible. She dealt with them all on our behalf and articulated our vision perfectly.

Throughout these last 3 years Petra has always been there for us not just as our wedding planner but also as a friend. We can’t wait to see her when we return to Bled.

We would recommend Petra a million times over!

Thank you for everything.

Aaron and Rochelle xxx

Rochelle Aaron Wedding Bled Slovenia

Nicky & James

Married on May 29, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Lovro Rozina

Thanks to the Pandemic our wedding took place 728 days after our original date…but it was worth the wait. Petra stuck with us through thick and thin, her calmness, positivity and experience guiding us on our options at each step.

Over the extended period of planning Petra became more than just our wedding planner, she became our friend. She took the time to get to know us as a couple and individuals, understand what we wanted for our day and gained our complete trust. If there was any detail we hadn’t considered, Petra had it on her list and would ensure she got our input. We ended up with the most amazing wedding, location is of course incredible, venues spectacular, food, wine and service exemplary and immaculately organised. But it was more than this, it was our special day and it felt incredibly personal and magical and that is thanks to Petra.

Tracey & Ricky

Married on May 27, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Ana Gregorič

As we sit here reflecting on our wedding journey we are struggling to put into words how unbelievably perfect our day was. It was a lengthy journey to get here but with the help of Petra we finally did it!! From the moment we started to plan our wedding we fell in love with Lake Bled and could only dream of what a wedding here would be like but with the help of the Petra (the most amazing wedding planner EVER) she well and truly turned our dreams into reality. From the first time we made contact with Petra she was different from other companies. She was professional, warm, friendly and most of all had a true passion for her country and wedding planning. She reassured us that we would not be disappointed with a Lake Bled wedding and she was not wrong!

We were originally due to get married in 2020 but due to covid this was cancelled and re arranged many times! Petra was on hand during these 2 years constantly rearranging plans and keeping us updated throughout everything. What should have been a stressful time was made so much easier by Petra and nothing was ever too much trouble. We unfortunately had the added stress of missing our flight this year but Petra kept us calm, she told us to make sure we arrived safely and reassured us that she would take care of everything, she re arranged all necessary appointments and even collected us from the airport to make sure we could get everything sorted in time.

Petra has a great relationship with everyone involved (photographer, videographer, hair, make up & taxis etc) which meant everything thing went smoothly on the wedding day and we could actually take in and enjoy every second of the day with no worries. She listened to everything we asked for and really went above and beyond to make our day the fairy tale we dreamt of. We would not have changed a single thing about it. Our friends and family were also blown away by the whole day and we cannot wait to come back. Petra we cannot thank you enough for the memories made on our special day. You truly are amazing. We would highly recommend Petra and a Lake Bled wedding to anyone!!

Tracey Ricky Wedding in Slovenia

Andrea Zoltan Wedding in Slovenia


Andrea & Zoltán

Married on May 21, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Eniko Pecz

A perfect day, in a perfect place, perfectly organised, a dream come true. If we started all over, we would choose Petra again.

She made everything happen what we imagined and even some details we didn’t even think about. As foreigners we had no difficulties getting prepared remotely for the big day no matter if it was about paperwork, make-up, hair, flowers or anything else. Petra is a hardcore professional and we hope that she’ll assist to the big moments of many more couples like us.

Amy & Aaron

Married on April 13, 2022 at Lake Bled
Photo: Ana Gregorič

Our fairytale wedding was made possible thanks to Petra, a real life fairy godmother. We can’t thank Petra enough for making our dreams a reality. Nothing we asked for was ever too much. Every little idea we had Petra ensured was included to make our day just as we had envisioned, down to specific napkin colours, backdrop signs and even fire shows! Any little hiccup along the way was immediately sorted by Petra and we never had to stress about a thing.

We spent almost 3 years planning our wedding (with Covid forcing us to postpone numerous times) and with regular Skype calls and general check ins Petra instantly became part of the family. In addition to giving us the perfect experience on the day Petra also made our stay in Bled a remarkable one from making additional restaurant bookings to recommending activities to do with our son.

Petra catered for our families too and by the end of the week she was our 2 year olds best friend. Ourselves and our guests are still in awe of our perfect day and we will forever be grateful to Petra for making our fairytale come true.

Amy Aaron Wedding in Slovenia

Luana Florent Wedding Testimonial

 Luana & Florent

Married on October 9, 2021 in Portorož
Photo: Soulsisters

To have Petra as our wedding planner was definitely one of the most important and correct decisions we made for our wedding. Every moment of the wedding planning was absolutely enjoyable with her! Her expertise made us think of things that we had never thought of when it came to our wedding. She was dedicated. Our wedding was a ‘corona-wedding’ and we had to deal with a lot of last-minute changes and regulations with the venue. She was able to manoeuvre everything.
On the day she was by our side, making sure everything ran smoothly and we trusted her organization and decision making throughout.
Hire Petra and you won’t be disappointed!
Thank you again, Petra!

Christine & Mike

Married on October 1, 2021 at Lake Bled
Photo: Ana Gregorič

Petra is quite simply a super-woman. She was able to take a dream that we had from seeing a single photograph and turn it into the most memorable day of our lives. Not only did she meet our expectations, she exceeded them continuously whilst making it look effortless. We had never been to Slovenia before our wedding, but at no time did we ever feel anxious about this fact as Petra’s love and passion for what she does and her knowledge of the venue was evident every time we communicated.

Even with having to rearrange our day twice, at no point was this ever stressful as Petra had everything under control. Her relationship with the venue, vendors and photographers ensured that it was a simple process. She was always on hand if we ever needed to discuss any details, and always responded promptly.

It was also a great comfort having her attend on the day. Petra ensured the day went without any problems and was on hand to guide guests as and when required.

Lake Bled and Petra will always hold a very special place in our hearts. We have memories that will last a life time. Thank you Petra.

Christine Mike Wedding in Slovenia

May Mike Wedding in Slovenia

 May & Mike

Married on September 15, 2021 at Lake Bled
Photo: Anže Mulec

We had a fantastic day in Lake Bled, every part of the day was well planned and perfect. Petra was fantastic throughout the process, she was diligent, thoughtful and very on the ball. She approaches everything with good humour and warmth that lets you know that she really cares. Her communication was superb even throughout the pandemic and all of our questions were answered promptly. We trusted her from start to finish, and truly enjoyed talking to her!

Yes it was always going to be a special day because I married the love of my life, but thanks to Petra it was nothing short of a fairy tale and a day where we thoroughly loved every second. And we actually got to enjoy the build up too! Thank you Petra.


Sadie & Gary

Married on September 9, 2021 at Lake Bled
Photo: Ana Gregorič

We couldn’t have wished for more in a wedding planner, Petra took on all of our requests and created our perfect day even after we had to postpone. Petra handled everything – accommodation, restaurants, suppliers, we could relax knowing it was in knowledgeable hands. I wish I could do it all over again, and would choose Petra again in a heartbeat.

Sadie Gary Wedding in Slovenia

Nathalie & Dennis Wedding Lake Bled


Nathalie & Dennis

Married on August 28, 2021 at Lake Bled
Photo: Katja & Simon

The best decision of all, as Petra made our day perfect. The organisation, the wonderful preliminary meetings and the implementation on the day itself all exceeded our expectations. She was even able to pull a couple of aces from up her sleeve and was constantly striving to make all our wishes come true. We are so grateful for having had her at our side on this special day!


Megan & Alexander

Married on August 22, 2021 at Lake Bled
Photo: Lovro Rozina

Petra is the type of professional who can anticipate your needs and deliver more than you can imagine or expect. Walking around in Slovenia, if seemed everyone knew Petra and we were consistently told that “she is the best” in terms of her distinguished taste and execution. In preparation for the wedding, we had as many or as few choices as we wanted to make, yet our wedding day was beyond magical and our guests from around the world felt it was the best wedding they had ever attended.

Megan & Alexander Slovenia Wedding Testimonial

Dania & Boris Wedding


Dania & Boris

Married on July 17, 2021 in Portorož
Photo: Nika + Grega

I can recommend Petra to the very best of my knowledge and belief. She made our wedding a dream wedding. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. The DJ, the bridal make-up, the decoration, the cake etc. were all AMAZING. To this day, our guests are still raving about our wedding. Petra, thank you so much for your commitment and your great work. Keep it up!

Maxine & Clive

Married on June 16, 2021 at Lake Bled
Photo: Anže Mulec

Petra: Our Fairy Godmother

We were truly blessed to have Petra as our wedding planner. She is truly amazing, both as a person & as a planner. Her & her team are all just so friendly & professional, we felt that we were amongst friends instantly.
Petra is just a star. She really takes all of the stress out of your day. She updates you regularly on what needs to be done for the day, prompt to reply to you & super efficient. She simply makes it all go like clockwork & makes is appear effortless. She is just a wonderful, warm, friendly, positive & funny lady.
We feel that we have a friend for life & we really cannot recommend her highly enough!
So, with a large dose of sparkle, she waved her magic wand & we had the most fantastic wedding day. We just wished we could do it all over again!
All of our love.
Maxine & Clive

Maxine Clive Slovenia Wedding Testimonial

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