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Frequently Asked Questions About Weddings In Slovenia
Frequently Asked Questions About Weddings In Slovenia
Frequently Asked Questions About Weddings In Slovenia
Frequently Asked Questions About Weddings In Slovenia
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Why should I choose Slovenia for my wedding?
Because Slovenia will certainly delight you. The country is a hidden gem that not many people know about yet, but once you visit, you will fall in love with its charming countryside, friendly people and excellent cuisine and wines. Your wedding guests are bound to be swept off their feet, too! If you’re looking for an unusual destination in Europe, but do not want to compromise on charm, romance or quality, then Slovenia is just right for you.

What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner?
Organising your wedding sure can be fun, but requires a lot of time researching, planning and co-ordinating every detail. A professional wedding organiser knows the country, the venues and the providers and will thus save you a lot of effort, providing you the best offers from the most suitable partners. We at Da Petra like to work together with the wedding couple as a team – you entrust us your ideas and we do our best to bring them to life on time, at the best rates and with every element minutely organised and co-ordinated.

What are the costs of organising a wedding in Slovenia?
When would you like to get married? Would you like a simple wedding or a lavish one? How many guests will there be? What decoration would you like to have? Would you prefer a DJ or a band?
The cost of your wedding depends on many factors, but it’s soothing to know Slovenia’s still excellent value for money. Simply let us know your wishes and requirements and we’ll be happy to give you a rough estimate of the wedding budget you’re looking at. We’ll also be pleased to give you tips and suggestions on optimising your budget and will keep track of the expenses throughout the process of planning your Slovenian wedding.

How far in advance should I book my wedding?
It’s advisable to book it as soon as possible – at least six to eight months in advance – if you have a particular date and venue in mind. Naturally, you might be lucky and your preferred venue might still be available if you enquire at a later stage. Bear in mind that the Slovenian ‘high season’ for weddings is between May and September, with Saturday being the most common day to get married.

Where can I book the civil ceremony and / or church wedding?
Once you have selected the venues for your civil ceremony and / or church wedding and we have made sure these are available, we’ll book them for you and make sure you get all the paperwork sorted out in due time. Naturally, you can also opt to have your civil service in the country where you live, with only a symbolic exchange of vows in Slovenia prior to your wedding reception.

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