Weddings in Slovenia
A wedding at Lake Bled is a fantastic choice if you want a fairytale occasion. Nothing is more romantic than taking your vows with a breathtaking view of the lake, a small island with a church, a castle and the surrounding Alps. Wedding in Slovenia Lake Bled especially, is becoming more popular. It is a lovely chance for families to get together, bond through fun activities and celebrate the newlyweds.
They will also experience new cities, sights and unique attractions. While arranging a destination ceremony may come with a few challenges, there are many advantages. Coordinating your dream wedding in Bled should not be stressful. On the contrary, it should be fun! Couples tend to marry in a different country because they can sit back, relax and enjoy their big day. As for them, thanks to wedding planners with a vast knowledge of the country, the organisation is stress-free.
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Wedding in Slovenia Lake Bled and why this little country is perfect for your destination wedding?

Getting married in Slovenia, the heart of Europe will certainly be unforgettable. Slovenia is a small country with a diverse landscape, rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. We would not be overstating if we said that the country is a magical venue for a marital ceremony Lake Bled and its incredible surroundings are captivating people from all over the world.
Marvelous Alpine Slovenia offers verdant valleys with waterfalls, remarkable vistas and towering snow-capped peaks. Enchanting Island, with its timeless chapel, the bell of wishes and stunning cliff-top castle, will ensure your Cinderella wedding will be mesmerizing.
Cliff-top castles and lakes are not your things? Did you always dream of a vineyard or an ocean-side ceremony? Lake Bled is not the only beautiful venue in Slovenia. The country is incredibly versatile, and so is its offer.
From unique Eco resorts, intimate villas, modern and luxurious hotels, the charming capital city, fabulously diverse countryside and the majestic Adriatic Sea. A wedding at Lake Bled provides a couple with many choices on where to spend the honeymoon. Even though the country guarantees an exciting and delightful stay, some other countries, such as Italy, Austria and Croatia are just a short car ride away.
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Plan your perfect wedding in Slovenia, Lake Bled – How to choose the venue?

Wedding in Bled will be a memorable experience for you and your party. There is something magical about marrying in a faraway place. But as soon as you start to plan a destination ceremony, that magic fades away. From the language barrier and vendors to finding the right venue, there is a lot that goes into it. So, it is understandable that the planning process can be really overwhelming, especially when finding the right venue.
Lake Bled provides beautiful hotels, villas, resorts and even a castle. Before setting up a location, think about what will best suit you and your guests. What is your dream venue? What type of ceremony do you want? What is your budget? These are all the questions you will need an answer to before choosing the venue.
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However, it will all be worth it in the end. Someday you will look back on your special day and cherish all of your memories from that location.
When searching for a venue, make sure you keep your vision in mind, when it comes to the ceremony itself.
Find an establishment which aligns with it as closely as possible. The couples often get influenced by friends, family or social media. If you love hiking, do not get married by the sea just because your guests want to dip their feet in it.
The best thing about having a wedding in Slovenia is its size. You can enjoy the views of your favourite mountain, and a couple of hours later you are swimming in the Mediterranean sea. Remember, this is your big day. Don’t celebrate it in a location you don’t absolutely love.
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Destination wedding at Lake Bled venue, how much it costs, and how to cut down on expenses?

Wedding in Slovenia has many benefits which are difficult to overlook. However, many couples are hesitant about the faraway ceremony, because of its cost. But it’s actually not much more expensive than a ceremony closer to home. Sometimes it’s even cheaper. The reason? Exclusive guest list.
The estimated number of guests that will attend, a wedding in another country is usually around 50% to 60% of the invitees. That means your small and intimate ceremony won’t have to include that friend of a friend whose feelings would be hurt if they would not get invited.
Another reason why it can be cost-efficient is the expertise if a local wedding planner. A professional who knows the country, language, providers and venues will provide you with the best offers from the most suitable partners who have experience in catering such events.
Lake Bled wedding will be much less stressful and enjoyable with a trustworthy organizer who will do their best to bring all your ideas and wishes to live.
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